The Author Toolbox

laptop writing toolboxDo you have the tools to build a book, platform, business, and career as an author? Sign up to get a FREE checklist to help you create a blueprint and identify the next steps.

When I first dreamed about writing a book, I never imagined how much work was involved beyond creating characters and recording their journey toward a happily-ever-after ending. Of course, learning how to write fiction and write it well was vitally important because I needed to have a product to sell. However, I eventually learned the hard way that writing a book is only one piece of what it takes to be an author. I also had to build a platform, a business, and lay the foundation for a career.

Well, as the daughter of a carpenter, I knew that in order to build something that would endure, I needed both a plan and a box of tools. So I set out to discover the practical tools I needed to be successful and have collected them here as a way to help beginning authors work smarter, not harder. Of course, no list is totally comprehensive or could possibly include every tool on the market, but just like you don’t need fourteen Phillips-head screwdrivers cluttering your toolbox, these basic tools should be enough to get you started as you…

Build a Book ~ Build a Platform ~ Build a Business ~ Build a Career

I’ll continue to add to the topics as I can, but if there’s something you want to see included, just ask! In the meantime, you can:

Build a Book

Build a Platform

Build a Business

  • Backing up the Data
  • Taxes and Records
  • Queries and Proposals
  • Going Indie
  • Logos and more

Build a Career

  • Launch teams
  • Contests
  • Reviews
  • Timelines and Checklists for Marketing
  • Blog Tours and Guest posts
  • Juggling
  • Goal setting