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Once you have identified the areas that need help, then you can develop a plan to follow. Within The Author Toolbox blog series, I’ve tried to create a comprehensive resource full of practical tools for writers. However, sometimes we all need a little extra help figuring out the next step or navigating around unfamiliar technology.

That’s why I also offer personalized coaching services.

Where: Depending on the topic and your location, we can meet in person, connect over the phone, or video-conference using Skype or a Google+ Hangout if I need to share my screen for a demonstration or tutorial.

When: I’m in the Mountain Time zone of the United States and am generally available during the day or some evenings. I work from home and can adjust my schedule as needed.

Cost: $25 for an hour’s worth of time. I accept payment in advance via PayPal in one-hour increments, but if we don’t need a full hour, we’ll save the rest of the time for a follow-up appointment. I’ll do my best to prepare for our appointment in a way that will maximize our time. This might look like a 30- or 45-minute explanation tutorial with assigned homework followed by a 15-minute next steps meeting or final check-up. For a few authors, I have actually worked on their website design and then trained them on how to use it going forward.

How it works: Using the contact form below, let me know what your specific problem is or what you need help with. That will trigger an email conversation as we develop a plan, set up payment, and schedule a time that works for both of us. In the meantime, if you want to see a few of the sites I’ve either built or trained others to operate, check out EmbraceThePromise.com or KarenVanDenHeuvel.com (as well as this site!).