Sometimes God calms the storm … And sometimes He lets the storm rage and calms His child.

This statement, from an anonymous writer, holds a special place in my heart. For these words brought hope and encouragement in my journey as a mother.

You see, the day after my daughter was diagnosed with Cornelia de Lange syndrome – a rare genetic syndrome affecting her growth and development – a friend brought us a wrapped gift. Inside the package was a framed picture bearing the above words.

The first encouragement for my battered heart came not from the message but the messenger. A friend willing to go a step beyond simply saying “I’m so sorry” or “I’ll pray for you.”

Then, I dissected the words. God calms the storm. He’s more than able to handle this current crisis. This situation is not out of His control. What a relief.

The rest of the words took longer to accept. Sometimes, as God, He decides to let the storm rage. Yet, this part still held a promise. He calms His child.

So true. In the flurry of doctor appointments and therapy sessions unleashed on our family, an unexplainable peace surrounded my heart.

Have you ever experienced the eye of the storm like this?

A Storm Calming Quote
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