On Monday, I gave you a glimpse into my journey as a parent when my daughter was diagnosed wtih CdLS. But parenting a specials needs child is not the only journey in my life.

The journey of faith: I was raised in a Christian home. In fact, my dad was a pastor. I made a faith decision at a very young age and grew up in church. As a teen, I took a closer look at the faith I’d been taught all my life. And came to the same conclusions my parents and grandparents had. I know who I believe in. I still struggle to trust at times, but I keep growing, especially when I need God’s help and wisdom during life’s detours.

The journey of love and marriage: Going from a “please, pick me” wallflower through a whirlwind courtship. Engaged a month after our first date and married three months after that. Over 13 years of ups and downs later, we’re still traveling this road together. Now, if only I could get my darling husband to …

The journey of parenting in general: Difficult pregnancies, middle-of-the-night feedings, potty training, tantrums, discipline, sibling rivalry, first days of school, and on it goes. In less than a month, I’ll have two kids in middle school and my baby in kindergarten. And the ones in middle school? Can you say pre-teen hormones?

The physical journey: I think my body started falling apart in my early-twenties. A case of mononucleosis derailed my busy life as a teacher and coach. Less than a year later, I relapsed with a second case of mono just three weeks after my wedding. (Guess what, honey? Remember that “in sickness and in health” clause?) Fast forward a few years and I have two toddlers – one with special needs – and a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome. My type-A personality can’t get off the couch to take my munchkins to the library or the park or anywhere. I learned the hard way about true priorities. The CFS is now under control but I still have to be careful not to push my body too hard. Then, the last year held a couple speed bumps called shingles and acute inflamatory arthritis. Should I mention getting clobbered in the head by a foul ball at a little league game? Nah. No one would believe it.

The journey of pursuing a dream: I learned to read at age four and haven’t been far from a book since. The dream of writing my own book grew along with my folder of story ideas until I finally decided to start writing when my two kids reached school age. Welcome baby number three. Surprise! At first I was disappointed at the delay of my dream. But God wouldn’t let me wait. I started putting non-fiction words on paper in 2005, took a two-year writing course, and switched to my love of fiction in 2008. This particular journey feels like baby steps but I’m making progress and getting closer to the next stage of the journey.

Do all these journeys have something in common? Twists and turns. Ups and downs. Deserted stretches. And the most beautiful, breath-taking scenery.

What journeys are you on?

My Journeys
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