Today’s our last look at going back to school – by getting our own fresh start.

Our focus today is on new routines.

Our family is wrapping up our first week of school. My kindergartner is still overwhelmed with the classroom procedures. My 6th grader is roughly navigating his way through changing rooms each period, getting his locker open, football practice after school, and finishing homework before he falls asleep at his desk. My special needs 7th grader still tries to go to science class first period like she did last year.

Me? I’ve had to create my own schedule and re-establish routines. Like bedtimes and morning wake-up calls. Where to put backpacks when you get home. Homework expectations and location. When to pack lunches. Schedule carpools. Put the laundry into the washer before I wake up the boys and move it to the dryer before I leave to take them to school. Put dinner in the oven on time-bake before I take my daughter to Special Olympics bowling practice.

My biggest change this year is the block of time every morning while my kindergartner is at school. I need to maximize my most-creative time of the day – and the quiet – by upping the word count on my latest manuscript. My email, exercise, blog reading, cleaning, cooking, and part-time job can happen later in the day. If only I can ignore them that long.

I’m the type of person who likes to have everything planned out. When will I get what done? Are there really enough hours in the day? Make a list and cross off each item.

I read a recent newspaper comic strip. Garfield said, “I believe in planning ahead. Becaaauuuuse. If you spend enough time planning, you never actually have to do anything.” Ouch.

Do you have any routines that work? How do you move past the planning into the doing? (Please share. I need all the help I can get.)

Back To School – Part 3
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One thought on “Back To School – Part 3

  • August 21, 2009 at 5:11 am

    >I'm looking forward to getting into a routine again too. The summer is great to have more flexibility and freedom, but when the pressure is on, when I have less time, then I'm more apt to use it wisely! So for me, when school starts, I have to crack down on myself (since I homeschool my kids). I have less time to dilly-dally! And it forces me to be more productive!

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