meme FB bumblebeeEver watch a bumblebee fly? Tiny wings carry their relatively large bodies from flower to flower.

According to folklore, bumblebees aren’t supposed to be able to fly. Someone somewhere did a few simple calculations and determined that it is impossible for a bumblebee to remain airborne according to the laws of aerodynamics.

Tell that to the bumblebee.

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Nowadays, more sophisticated analysis shows that bumblebees can fly because their wings operate more like helicopter blades. Plus, their muscles vibrate rather than expand and contract. This allows them to beat their wings 10 to 20 times faster than if they relied on nerve firing impulses alone.

So, you’re asking, what does a bug have to do with my journey?

Has anyone ever told you that it is “impossible” to achieve your dream? Have you looked at the available facts, added up the pros and cons, and determined your goal is out of reach? Yet, is there something hidden within you – something others can’t see – that will propel you into the future?

The world might say you can’t, but God has the final say.

The Flight of the Bumblebee
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  • August 5, 2009 at 1:27 pm

    >Hi Candee,

    So glad we could connect in the blogging world! I love your analogy with the bee! Some things in nature just totally amaze me and that is now one of them. It should totally give us confidence that even when the odds stack up against us, what might seem impossible for us, isn't impossible for God!

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