Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success. ~ Author unknown

I didn’t pick this picture for today’s post because it’s the cover of my book but because it shows a team in action. Teammates huddled together and communicating the play call. Leaving to do their individual parts, and then returning to encourage or congratulate each other before doing it all over again.

In the game of football, each team has eleven players on the field. Count them. Not one or two, but eleven. Each with individual responsibilities on every play. One to snap the ball to the quarterback. Four additional linemen to protect the quarterback from various angles of attack and to open holes for the running backs. The receivers run assigned routes to either get in position to catch the ball or to draw the defensive players away from an area of the field. Running backs sometimes run with the ball and sometimes block for their teammates. The quarterback surveys the defense, adjusts the play call, and then throws or hands off the ball.

Eleven players, each with a small part of the overall task. None of them can do it alone, and each individual effort contributes to the success (or failure) of the team. (Not to mention the fact that other teammates cheer from the sidelines and stand ready to take our place on the field if we’re injured.)

Football is a team sport. So is life.

I can’t do this by myself and I’d be crazy to try. I need my teammates as much as the quarterback needs his. Can you imagine if he tried to run a play by himself? Ouch.

So, who’s on my team? My husband. My parents. My friends. My daughter’s doctor and speech therapist. Her teachers and paraprofessionals. My boys’ teachers, coaches, Sunday School teachers, and youth group leaders. My critique partners and local writing group.

Last week, I spent several days out of town at the ACFW Conference in Denver. While I was away from home, my mother stepped in to handle the daily details of three kids’ school schedules and activities. My Bible Study group prayed for me. My critique partners helped me polish my first chapters and proposal. My roommates became new friends to cheer me on before every appointment. Two members of my local writer’s group were there to listen during the rough spots. And my husband both subsidized and encouraged the pursuit of my dream.

Could I have done it without all their help? Not a chance.

Who’s on your team? Have you thanked them for their help? What are you doing to help them?

Football Friday – Teamwork
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2 thoughts on “Football Friday – Teamwork

  • September 25, 2009 at 9:27 am

    >My team is definitely my family! I don't think I'd have near the time or energy if my husband didn't believe in me and therefore help carve out more writing time. And my mom has pushed me to enter contests and believed in me all along. Now my team is expanding to my agent and editors. So that will be exciting to see how we all work together!

  • September 25, 2009 at 1:34 pm

    >I agree with you. Everyone involved in my life is on one of my many teams, and I appreciate them all!

    Ps. My husband would really appeciate your knowledge of football!

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