I know Christmas is behind us but there is one more special gift that I received this year.

I started 2009 with a list of five areas in my life that I wanted to focus on. For each category, I wrote down specific things I wanted to accomplish.

I gave myself the Gift of Goals.

And my list of goals gave back. Because I had something to aim for, I could measure my progress. And seeing my list was like a silent accountability partner raising an eyebrow and asking what I’d done lately to move closer to checking something else off.

So, I’m taking time this week to examine my goals for 2009 and dream up a set for next year. (And the new decade, too.)

In some areas I made progress but fell short in the end. Did I dream too big? Or were some of life’s detours to blame?

In other places I must have set the bar too low since I’d checked everything off by August and needed to add a few more items to the list. Had I underestimated my own ability? Or did I find this particular category easier or more interesting and therefore gave it more effort?

Regardless of whether I finished my list or not, simply having goals made all the difference.

What about you? Did you start the year with a list of goals? Did you reach them? Did you make progress? Why or why not?

The Gift of Goals
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One thought on “The Gift of Goals

  • December 29, 2009 at 8:42 am

    >What a probing question. I like the questions you ask yourself about why you met or did not meet goals. I met several of my goals this year, though I'm not sure I set out for them to be goals, I can just measure that I have made a lot of progress with my writing in word count, new ideas,and learning the craft. I didn't do some of the things I had hoped because I tend to procrastinate and I'm trying to get over some of my fears.

    Good question on your website, what's behind the bushes around the bend in the road. Hmmmm….pubication I hope.

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