In the countdown to Christmas (and giving), I’m taking the time to remember the past year and the various gifts I’ve already received.

The first (discussed here) was the gift of growth discovered through all the challenges I faced. The second was the gift of grace.

Favor granted by one who doesn’t have to. A temporary immunity or exemption. A reprieve. Grace.

This amazing gift came in those moments when I really deserved a different outcome.

Like when my patience snapped with my kids and they forgave me. When I scrambled to find time to polish my Genesis contest entry and my husband took the kids to his parents’ house for the day. When I discovered that I’d lost three small diamonds from my wedding set – on the heels of an expensive car repair – and my husband offered comfort. When I let my busy schedule eat into my quiet time and God kept knocking until I made time, again.

In every failure, I was never alone. And once dusted off and back on my feet, I had the chance to continue my journey.

I didn’t deserve grace. Yet it came.

What about you? Have you received grace this year? Have you passed it on to others?

The Gift of Grace
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