According to Jim Tressel and his book, The Winner’s Manual, purpose encompasses the aspects of my life that define who I am and the kind of person I want to become. Things like integrity, faith, family, and community. The “being” part of my life.

In order to balance work and family, Coach Tressel developed a visual organization tool to keep things in perspective. Calling it the Wheel of Life or the “Block O” (for Ohio State), he drew a circle with three sections at the top and three on the bottom.

The top half (i.e. most important parts) was labeled Purpose with subsections he titled Family/Personal, Spiritual/Moral, and Caring/Giving. For each section, he set specific, measurable short-range goals.

Family – Because my family is very important to me, I can set goals to strengthen my marriage such as regular date nights, “couch time” to talk, or taking “The Love Dare.” I might plan time to connect individually with my kids. What about my parents, siblings, and extended family? Each of these goals exists to strengthen this area of my purpose.

Spiritual – My spiritual beliefs and moral values shape my life. How will I grow? Am I in a Bible study or accountability group? Will I attend church regularly?

Caring – I have a responsibility to reach out and make a difference in the lives of others. Passing on the blessings keeps the focus off of myself. Who will I reach out to and how often? Will I give money or invest my time?

By keeping these three areas at the top, I’m focusing on the “being” parts of my life and have a plan to get there. Plus, I know that growth in any one area will affect the others, too. (In case, you’re curious about the bottom half, we’re going to talk about that next Monday.)

What about you? What goals would you set in the areas of family, spiritual, and caring?
Mapping My Purpose
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