Once I understand my purpose in life (to love God and love others), then everything else I do flows from there. My goals, dreams and desires find their foundation in purpose.

Last week, we looked at the top half of Jim Tressel’s visual tool link. Purpose was divided into family, spiritual, and caring sections. The bottom half of the diagram is for Goals and is also divided into three sections that cover the “doing” parts of life.

For his football team, Coach Tressel set these areas as Strength/Fitness, Football Family (Team), and Academics/Career. For each section, the players would fill in specific, measurable short-range goals and how they planned to reach them.

Health/Fitness – Health is important and I need to develop lifetime fitness habits, so I’m keeping that area. And setting goals like making one healthy eating choice a day, getting enough sleep, and doing strength exercises twice a week.

Team – Since I’m not on a football team nor part of a business team, I don’t have the group goals to contribute towards. However, I decided that my team is the “home team”. While my “family” section in the top half covers the relationships, my “team” section involves our financial, recreational, and physical space. Stuff like a budget, vacation planning, flower beds, photo albums, and decluttering/organizing closets.

Academics/Career – I may not be in college but I am continuing to learn and grow in my chosen profession as a writer. So, I set goals to attend a conference, send out a certain number of queries and reach word count targets.

You might pick three completely different areas. That’s up to you. And as life changes, feel free to revise your goals. This is just a framework to keep the being and doing parts of life in balance.

But what about dreams? Those things that keep coming back to mind? Write them down and turn them into a goal. A specific objective to work toward.

What about you? What three areas do you want to focus on? What is a specific goal you’ve set?

Moving Beyond Purpose to Dream
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2 thoughts on “Moving Beyond Purpose to Dream

  • January 25, 2010 at 6:35 am

    >Those a good. I like Career and Health for me–and I've set some good disciplined goals for each. I'd also like do a Family but I'd like to set a goal of spirituality under it. I'd like us to be more consistent with our devotions and praying.

  • January 25, 2010 at 7:49 am

    >My focus this year is on cultivating my relationships- God, family, and others.

    Life is too short to miss the opportunity to invest in people. Beyond that writing takes center stage.

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