Since we all have different races marked out for us, I thought we’d take a look today at the wide variety of races available. And see if there are any resemblances.

First off, there are different modes of travel. On foot. In the water. On a bike (click here). On skis. On skates. In a car. On horseback. In a boat (either sailing or rowing).

At different speeds. Slow and steady. Rabbit-like sprints. Pacing against the clock.

For varying lengths. One hundred yard dashes. One mile runs. 26 mile marathons. One day events or multiple stages over several days. Around a track or around the world.

Over different courses. Smooth and oval. Down an icy mountain. Cross-country with ups and downs. Steeplechase and jumping hurdles. Straight or curving.

In different conditions. Indoors or outdoors. Hot or cold weather. Gentle breeze or stormy seas.

And then some races are affected by the others around us. Jostling for position. A peloton chasing down the leader. Drafting behind another to conserve energy. Receiving and then handing off a baton.

My race? It’s a long one with unexpected detours over bumpy ground. I usually have a slow and steady pace but there are times my life feels like a mad dash. I received the baton of faith from my parents and am trying to pass it on to my children, holding it tightly so I don’t drop it along the way. Sometimes I feel like I’m running through mud in slow-motion. But other times I’m being carried along by a wind. And so it continues day after day after day.

What about you? What is your race like?

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