And no, I am not homeless. I’m just rarely at home.

While the school year is wrapping up, I’m still behind the wheel delivering and picking up kids from school with overloaded backpacks and lunchboxes. While they’re cramming all sorts of useful knowledge into their heads, I’m filling my days with errands and meetings. The bank. Library. Grocery store. Recycling center. Bible study. Writer’s group. (Did I mention that I spend two mornings a week writing in my car, simply because it’s a quiet place to work?)

Once school is out for the day, I’m still in my car. Driving to baseball practice. Waiting for the rain to stop and games to start. Sitting in a drive-through line picking up a highly-nutritious meal on the run.

It could be worse.

We made the decision to limit our kids to one activity per season. Right now I’ve got one kid playing baseball, one running track with Special Olympics and the third about to start baseball in June. When I hear about other families juggling karate, swimming, piano, after-school clubs and sports, I don’t know how they stay sane.

Since I’m living in my car (more than at home), I’ve made sure to stock it with everything we might need. Folding chairs, umbrellas and blankets for outdoor activities. Coloring books, pens and travel games for entertaining the other kids while we wait for practice to get over. A Bible, music CDs, and a book for my entertainment. A bag of granola bars and fruit snacks for hungry tummies. A first aid kit with bandaids and painkillers. (And a set of jumper cables I hope never to need).

What about you? How many activities to you juggle? What’s in your car?

Living In My Car
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3 thoughts on “Living In My Car

  • May 12, 2010 at 7:23 am

    >I remember those days…limiting the activities is a must if you want to keep your sanity. In this day of high gas prices, it's another good reason. Now that Im down to just hauling me around, I make sure I have sunglasses, kleenex, a little bag of extra make up and a bottle of water. It's so nice to travel light!

  • May 12, 2010 at 3:35 pm


    We are so alike. I am looking forward to the summer so hopefully the schedule will be a lot lighter. I love equipping my car to prepare for those little unexpected things that always pop up.

    My biggest one lately is extra plastic bags just in case someone gets ill unexpectedly and for things that get wet.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  • May 13, 2010 at 2:17 pm

    >I don't have any little ones, but I'm in the car a lot. A Bible, a notebook, my book bag, an umbrella, maps, and water top the list of gear I carry around.

    Susan 🙂

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