I’ve had several dreams over my lifetime. Winning a Student Council election in junior high. Serving as a wing chaplain in college. Traveling to Israel. Becoming a teacher. Getting married and having kids.

Another dream began when I was four years old and discovered the hidden power of words through reading. I devoured books and escaped into their storyworlds beyond the last page as my imagination continued the adventure with my favorite characters. As I grew, my reading tastes changed but the obsession continued. Until I dreamed elaborate stories and awoke in tears because of something that had happened to a character.

I began to write down story ideas and, while chasing toddlers around the house, wished for peace and quiet so I could capture those places on paper. The dream grew and I vowed to start writing when my kids were both in school. I reluctantly postponed the dream when God blessed me with a third child six years after the other two.

The amazing thing about dreams is the passion that drives them. In this case, a God-fueled passion that kicked me into gear when my youngest was a year old. No matter how long it took or how few words I could write per day, I made the deicision to start writing. That was the fall of 2004.

Now, over 5 years later, I’m happy to say that I’m living my dream. I’ve written two non-fiction books (one published and the other proposal in circulation.) I wrote a children’s picture book (also in circulation). I’ve had a dozen articles published in various magazines and even one translated into German. My first “practice” category novel was rewritten into a women’s fiction manuscript and honored as Runner-Up in the 2009 ACFW Genesis contest. I started blogging. And I’m over halfway into another contemporary novel and entered it in this year’s Genesis contest.

This journey toward publication is one of ups and downs, with a lot of waiting along the way. Thankfully, the power of dreams keeps pushing me forward. After all, I still have a notebook full of future project ideas.

What about you? What’s your dream? How long have you had this dream? How are you pursuing it?

Living My Dream
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