Imagine facing a mountain over 19,000 feet high. Do you think you could make it to the top?

Now imagine facing the same mountain without your legs.
That’s what happened recently, when three American veterans from three different wars scaled Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro. With only one human leg between the three of them. They did it as an example to other amputees to send the message that whatever your disability, you can still find a way to be active.
I found another lesson hidden in the story.
One of the men had tried to climb the same mountain last year. And failed. Why? Poor planning and trying to go too fast. This time around, the group planned a different route specifically for their needs and almost doubled the time allotted for the climb, even spending an extra night near the top.
What does that have to do with life? We will all face obstacles. Despite previous failures, we can still be successful. We can learn from past mistakes and develop a different plan. A plan that considers our limitations and finds ways to compensate for them. We can climb with people who understand us.
And when we make it to the top, we can experience the same rush of exhilaration at our success.
What about you? What mountains are you climbing? Have you planned your course or are you blindly attacking the summit? Are you climbing alone or with a support system?
Overcoming Obstacles
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