Oops. I did it again. Made a mistake. Blew it. Fell on my face. Failed.

I’ll spare you the gory details, but it seems like I mess up somehow almost every day. And as the tally count rises, I find myself carrying around a heavy bag of guilt over my shortcomings. Why can’t I get it together? Keep my foot out of my mouth? Or at least keep my mouth shut? Why did I snap at my husband or my kids?
Oh, I may try to pass the blame. If only they hadn’t done or said that, then … But, as someone smart once told me, pointing a finger leaves at least three fingers aimed my direction. I can’t change others or control the circumstances. I can only control myself – and I don’t always respond the way I should.
Dwelling on the failure only leaves me buffeted by a hurricane of regret.
My anchoring point in the storm? My failure is not final.
I have a redeemer who sees me, not as I am, but how I was intended to be. He sees my heart and the potential packed inside. His mission is to repair the damage and set me on the right path again. What I can’t do for myself, He does.
I make mistakes, but God doesn’t. And He made me.
So, instead of failure and regret, I come running to Him and find forgiveness and a second chance.
(Gleaned from Six Hours One Friday by Max Lucado)
What about you? Are you carrying around a bag of failures or have you left them at the cross? Do you gaze at the past or look ahead to the future?
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Anchor #2 – My Failure Is Not Final
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One thought on “Anchor #2 – My Failure Is Not Final

  • September 22, 2010 at 7:13 am

    >Though I know my mistakes are covered by the cross, my daily battle has been the burden of regrets from the past. Today I was reading in Hebrews chapter seven that He is able to save me completely, to the uttermost my translation says, and that's because Jesus ever lives to make intercession for me. Hallelujah! God is able to redeem my mind from dwelling on the past 'cause I've got a Big Brother praying for me.

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