What season is this? Did you just you say fall? Well, technically it’s still summer, but I’m thinking football season.

Our household seems to revolve around the sport. My husband used to coach high school football, but is venturing out into the college arena and does football year-round. But this time of year, our boys are gearing up. My 12-year-old is playing wide receiver, safety, and back-up quarterback for his middle school team while the 6-year-old will be playing flag football for the first time ever. In addition to all the practices and games, they’ve been showcasing their tackling skills in the middle of the living room!

After watching the game from the sidelines for years, I started seeing life lessons illustrated on the field. And wrote my first book (Pigskin Parables: Reflections of a Football Widow) based on what I’d been learning. So, when this season arrives, my brain starts seeing the similarities again.

Take, for instance, this common coaching philosophy: Focus on the fundamentals.

Focus: Give deliberate attention to it. Zero in. Block out the distractions. Aim for. Keep in sight.

Fundamentals: The basic components and building blocks. The essential elements. Those things of major significance. The most important and foundational pieces.

In football, the fundamentals include throwing, catching, blocking, and tackling. Without the basic ability to execute the game plan, all the scouting and strategy falls apart.

In life, the fundamentals are harder to define, yet still as crucial. As I started thinking, three things jumped to the top of my list. Faith. Family. Stewardship (making the most of what I’ve been given including money, time, and talents). And wrapped around them is love. Love God and love others.

Simple? Maybe. But if I can do these few things well, the rest of my life should fall into place somewhere. Not that mastering the fundamentals is easy. That’s why every coach spends time at every practice running the players through drills designed to keep the fundamental skills sharp. (Hence the word focus. It doesn’t happen accidentally.)
But, in doing this, don’t forget what my son’s flag football coach said. “We’ll teach the boys the fundamentals of the game, but we also want them to have a good time.” After all, check out the first three letters: F-U-N.
Focus on the fundamentals in life. And take time to relax and enjoy the journey.

What about you? What fundamentals are you focusing on? What do you do for fun?

Focus on the Fundamentals
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One thought on “Focus on the Fundamentals

  • September 2, 2010 at 7:36 pm

    >Hi Candee –

    Excellent analogy! I like the way you broke it down.

    I'm focusing on the fundamentals of my faith and writing. For fun, I garden, and spend time with family and friends.

    Lately, I've been getting a yen to crochet again. Since my niece is expecting a little girl, I might try a cute pattern I saw for a baby cap.

    Susan 🙂

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