Imagine a football player attending every team meeting and participating in every practice or workout. Running wind-sprints. Hitting hard and making tackles. Lifting weights. And risking injury. Day in and day out, making the sacrifice for the team.

Sounds like a player doing what they’re supposed to do. Someone who is carrying through on their commitment to the team.
But what if I said they made this level of sacrifice without a financial benefit or scholarship award? Such is the life of the college walk-on. (In fact, one young man in our area, despite great financial need, had to turn down a different scholarship in order to continue participating in football and not violate any rules.)
Why would these young men do this? For the love of the game and the opportunity to be part of something bigger than themselves. For the hope that someday, if they pay the price long enough, they may get the call elevating them from mere walk-on to scholarship player.
And that’s worth the sacrifice.
(By the way, the young man who turned down another scholarship started last season as a junior walk-on. Due to other injuries on the team, he became a scholarship player for the remainder of the year. And opened his senior year as a starter!)
What about me? Well, there are things I do faithfully every day without immediate reward. Granted, not all rewards are financial and not all are seen in this lifetime. But sacrifice happens when the joy of what is coming is greater than the pain of what is required. So, I’ll continue to pay the price with my family, at home, on the job, and in my writing.
And hopefully I’ll someday get “the call” from an agent or editor offering representation or a book contract.
What about you? What sacrifices have you made? What result are you hoping for? Is the coming joy greater than the pain?
Football Friday – Paying the Price
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One thought on “Football Friday – Paying the Price

  • September 24, 2010 at 2:00 pm

    >Hi Candee –

    So, true. Sacrifice precedes success.

    As a writer, I'm seeking a way to get my books out there where they can impact lives. Sacrifices? I don't participate in hobbies as much as I'd like. I sit at the computer when I'd rather be doing something else. I invest time and money into craft books and conferences. Does that count?

    Susan 🙂

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