You choose to go to the gym and workout as a reward for getting your work done.

Seriously, I never thought this would be me. But, Saturday afternoon found me pedaling away on a stationary bike while reading a book. I could have read the same book while lounging on my couch, but I didn’t.

Proof that I must have turned the corner in my exercise plan!

You see, four weeks ago, my kids all went back to school and I made the decision to get myself back into an exercise routine. (I say “back” but, aside from one summer when there was a borrowed treadmill in my basement, I hadn’t exercised regularly since, um, before I got married almost 15 years ago. Yikes!) Before I plopped down a chunk of money and signed a contract, I decided to scope out a few local gyms by sampling their “try-us-for-7-days-free” trial memberships. And figure out what kind of setting and routine worked best for me. SARMs are considered to be extremely versatile when it comes to cutting the body fat while putting on some muscle mass alternatively. sarms for cutting stack is also important among various bodybuilders who are gearing up for a competition or event. If you want to derive excellent recomposition effects, then you should definitely give a try to Cardarine and Ligandrol. Ligandrol will aid in building up the muscle mass in an effective way, and Cardarine will ensure that the fats get shredded so as to allow some strong and fresh muscles. To begin with, you need to take about 5 milligrams of both Cardarine and Ligandrol within the first week. After that, you might need to increase the dose to 10 milligrams of each of the supplements for the remaining 3 weeks.

First stop, a hydrolic-powered, strength-training circuit facility for women only. Upside? No brain required. Just travel from machine to machine when the speaker says “change stations.” Downside? Mostly populated by women older than my mother who had way more energy than I did. Oh, and no cardio machines or variety.

On the other end of the spectrum was the intense gym for serious-bodybuilder-types. At least that’s what I thought when I looked around the room at the young, fit bodies hammering away on eliptical machines for over half an hour. (Um, I tried one at a slower pace and lasted about, um, five minutes before my legs were quivering. I guess I’ll need to work up to that beast.) Upside? Lots of options for workouts and a women only room. Downside? The focus on image over health goals. And the obnoxiously bad lyrics and music blaring out of every speaker.

This search has made me re-evaluate my goals. While I’d love to lose the belly bulge I’ve been carrying since baby #3 (over 6 years ago), my first priority is cardio health. As in doing something for 30 minutes at a pace above a crawl without passing out. Then I can add in a bit of strength and resistance training and an occasional class to tone-and-trim. In an environment with options, a demographic I fit, and a price I can afford.

And when I choose to go work out on a day I hadn’t scheduled it? I must be doing something right.

Not only that, I’ve learned a bit about developing good habits. The sacrifice required to make myself do something I’d rather not do — in order to gain something of value. And the addictive joy I feel at the progress I’ve made.

What about you? Do you exercise regularly? Are you disciplined enough to do it at home or do you go to a gym? What are your goals?

It Must Be Progress When …
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  • September 14, 2010 at 4:48 am

    >I'm sooo impressed. I hate to work out. I hate to sweat. Period. But I so need to be in better shape. I do believe you have inspired me to at least start walking the dog more. ;)

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