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My husband and son are part of several (free) online fantasy football contests. Every week they check up on their chosen players, bench the injured ones, and occasionally trade a few out for someone with better on-field statistics. Then, every weekend they follow the sports news to see how their teams did.

How did they pick the players on their team? By carefully analyzing past performance and health histories. Are they coming off an injury or are they strong? Are they getting most of the carries on their team or are they sharing the load with a group of running backs? How strong is their schedule this season? Will they be playing outside in Chicago or inside a dome in Minnesota?
After juggling the variables and adjusting for the fictional salary cap (in a few games), they lock in their selections for the week. And hope that collectively the team comes through with a good game.
What about life? I’m part of several teams. My family at home. The company I work for. Writing critique groups. Each member of the team has strengths and weaknesses that affect their particular responsibilities. Hopefully, we balance each other out.
For example, I’m the organized one in our marriage, so I keep track of the family calendar, finances, and taxes while my husband’s frugality keeps me accountable in the spending department. I’m horrible (but getting better) at punctuation and grammar rules, so I rely on a couple of my critique partners to catch my blunders. I read fast with good comprehension, so my boss sends me the largest cases because I can get them done quickly while others can glean full reports from minimal information.
So, here are a few questions to consider as you pick your real-life fantasy teams:
Who’s on your team? Or who do you want on your team? And why? Do you seek after people because of their contributions? Their consistency? Their ability to push through the hard times by your side? Their willingness to go the extra mile? Or do you end up on teams with people who are takers, whiners, and easily injured?
And, perhaps most importantly, if given the choice, would your teammates pick you?
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