One of the things my husband loves about coaching football is the strategic planning. Studying the opponent for tendencies and weaknesses. And designing corresponding play calls to capitalize on that information.

Despite only having a few kinds of plays (run, pass, kick), the team’s playbook is filled with endless possibilities and variations. Some are used frequently throughout the game, while others are held for specific situations.
And all must be defended against.
Much of the practice time during the week is devoted to preparing the appropriate response, teaching it in team meetings, and rehearsing it against the scout team. When they do such-and-such, we will do such-and-such. Over and over until the time comes to take the field and put the strategy into action.
It’s the same in life. But instead of rushes and passes, we face deception and temptation. How will we respond in the heat of battle? With the rehearsed response. And the simpler the better so we can remember it.
I have a basic defensive strategy. Respond in love. Speak the truth. Say “no” to temptation. Honor God in all I say and do. My offensive strategy is simple too. Love God. Love others.
So, when the six-year-old comes tattling because his twelve-year-old brother just tackled him? When I’m leaving the gym after a good workout and drive past a McDonald’s with the smell of french fries wafting on the breeze? When I’ve pushed hard all day to meet work deadlines and my husband asks me to do one more thing?
The secret to strategy is knowing what you may face and having a prepared response.
What about you? What tendencies and weaknesses do you have in life? How are you defending against the attacks?
Football Friday – Strategize for Success
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