. . . And I’m not talking about that disgusting-sounding dish my mother tells of eating as a child. (Pictured for your benefit.)

I’m talking about the brains between my ears. The ones trying to juggle the ongoing stress of getting all the kids to and from their school activities and sports with the necessary equipment while maintaining a semi-sanitary home, keeping the laundry baskets nearly empty, providing semi-nutritious meals, and refereeing the constant whining and fighting. I knew it would be hard single-parenting while my husband coaches football at the college level this fall. That’s why I cut back on several other commitments this fall like leading a Bible study and singing in the choir.
But, these same brains are also required to read, process, and summarize thousands of pages of legal depositions on tight deadlines. (Not to mention watching my personal writing goals fall by the wayside.)
In the way-too-brief lulls in the action, I can hear the szzt…szzt…szzt of neurons misfiring and signals getting crossed. I can almost imagine the sparks flying as the connections short-circuit. At night, I wonder if what’s left of my brains might be in danger of leaking out my ear.
So, my question to you. How does one un-scramble brains?
Lots of prayer? Followed by a nap? Send the kids to Grandma’s house? Take a day off from work? Meet a friend for lunch? Set up rewards? Do a brainless, repetitive task like putting together a puzzle or crocheting an afghan? Have a “Come-to-Jesus” meeting with the kids and divide up the chores … again?
What about you? Have you ever felt mentally scrambled? How did you sort things out? (Or at least, how did you try?)
Scrambled Brains
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One thought on “Scrambled Brains

  • October 19, 2010 at 7:16 pm

    >Hi Candee –

    LOL! How about all of the above?

    I've had to prioritize because the important stuff was getting neglected. The whole time management issue is a juggling act. Sometimes everything runs smooth as on oil. Other times…there are plates crashing everywhere.

    Susan 🙂

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