Since it’s been awhile since I last passed along a bit of Wednesday Wisdom, let’s start with a bit of review. Dr. Harry Kraus wrote a book, Breathing Grace, which compares our physical need for oxygen to our spiritual need for God’s grace. Like the emergency room A-B-Cs of treatment (Airway, Breathing, Circulation), our spiritual resuscitation also depends on an A-B-C pattern.

A stood for acknowledging our need. Pride and trying to control our own lives blocks the flow of grace, but recognizing that we need help opens up the “graceway” into our inmost being.
B stood for believing the gospel. Being surrounded by grace (or oxygen) isn’t enough. We have to get the muscles moving – specifically the diaphragm muscle necessary for breathing. Believing the gospel means putting our faith into action.
Which leads us to today.
C – in the emergency room – is for circulation. Oxygen in the lungs isn’t enough, unless the heart is strong enough to pump the oxygenated blood throughout the body to reach the cells. With oxygen, cells can create energy. But without a steady supply of oxygen, our cells begin to die. And that’s never good.
The same can be said of grace. I need a continuous, moment-by-moment supply to energize my daily walk. It’s not enough to acknowledge my need and believe, I need grace to touch every area of my life.
C stands for communion. Time alone in quietness and solitude. Time without distractions. Time spent listening and letting grace wash over me, saturating my soul and healing every hurt. Time to discover that my worth comes from being, not doing. Time set aside daily (because every day I need grace). Time for the truths to sink in and change the way I act.
And once grace fills us to overflowing, every area of our lives is touched by the abundance.
What about you? How do you remain in continuous fellowship with God? Are these A-B-Cs a natural response when you feel grace-deprived? Why or why not?
C is for Circulation
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