The older I get (and I’m not sharing how old that is), the faster time flies by. I mean, wasn’t it only last month that the kids started back to school? And Thanksgiving, two children’s birthdays, and Christmas are coming in less than two months.

The game of life is rushing by with very few (if any) breaks in the never-ending list of things I need to get done. For illustration purposes, consider my day yesterday: get the kids up and off to school with lunches and shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child, clean the bathrooms, wash a large load of towels, stop to fill the van with gas, work-out at the gym, head home to read over 300 pages of a deposition and put into a narrative format, nibble on a bite of lunch somewhere in there, greet Anna when she got off the bus, drive the after-school carpool, listen to the 1st grader’s reading homework, five minutes later load up the van again, swing by a fast-food place for an early dinner, drive to the 12-year-old’s away basketball game, cheer, drive to the 6-year-old’s swimming lesson, read more depositions for the next case, wrestle the van home because the power steering decided to go out while on the highway, search the Internet for power steering advice, read more depositions, fill out a form for my daughter’s teacher, crash into bed.

Whew. Can’t I call a time out? Because I really need a moment to catch my breath, re-orient my priorities, weigh my options, make adjustments to my strategy, and listen to my coach.

Wait. That’s what football players do. Several times a game. After all, each team gets six per game, not to mention the breaks between quarters and at half-time. And if those tough guys on the field need a breather, how much more does this tired Mom?

So, when life comes at you fast, remember to call a time out. Your sanity will thank you.

(Update 2011: For more lessons about faith and football, see Pigskin Parables: Exploring Faith and Football.)

What about you? When was the last time you needed to call a time-out? How long did it last? Did it help?

Football Friday – Time Out
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