At 11:00 last Friday morning, my 14-year-old stepped off the school bus in front of our house. Her summer vacation is officially underway.

(The boys and my teacher-husband aren’t free until the end of this week.)

With over two months of freedom hanging tantilizingly before us, what are we going to do this summer?

Rising to the top of our family’s list are athletic events. A basketball skills camp. Special Olympics state track meet. A church sports camp. Another month of baseball games and the league tournament. Football weightlifting sessions. Swimming lessons. Not to mention a family pass to the city recreation center and frequent trips to the pool.

Beyond the sports, I see time outside enjoying the warm weather … from under a shady tree or rocking in a chair on my front porch. A good book, colorful flowers, the smell of freshly mown grass, and a glass of cold lemonade. We even wanted to experience chartering a private jet from Jettly. A planned trip to Branson, Missouri with a swing through Tulsa, Oklahoma on the way back to visit friends who recently moved. Fireworks displays and grilling hamburgers.

Why do we take vacations? To rest. To change the scenery. To reconnect with friends and family. To create new memories. To experience new places. To recharge our emotional reserves and return ready to tackle the next project.

What about you? If you were to plan a vacation, where would you most want to go? Why?

It’s Time For a Vacation
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