Imagine being an unwed mother in an Amish community in Missouri. Even though you confessed your sins and were forgiven, the rumors and lies have ruined your reputation along with any chances at close friendships and finding a good man to marry. 

Such is the situation of Becky Troyer, in Patchwork Dreams by Laura V. Hilton (Whitaker House, 2011). Her heart longs to be loved, but she is afraid to step out of the shadows. What if she got burned again? Will she ever be able to piece together the scattered pieces of her former dreams?

Then a distant cousin of her father’s arrives from Pennsylvania. Jacob Miller has a girl back home, but after one look at Becky, he decides to do everything he can to bring a smile to her face again. Even if it means falling in love and risking his heart.

While the characters in this book are fictional, they wrestle with the same emotions we all do. Yet, like in all good fiction, they reach a happily-ever-after victory. And maybe show us a way out of our own problems.

(By the way, this author is one of my critique partners. I had the privilege of reading the first draft and then bought a copy when the book was released last month so I could see the end result after the revisions and editing. Great job, Laura!)

What about you? Have mistakes from your past held you captive? Have you been unhappy with your situation but still afraid to take a risk? Has there been someone in your life to help pull you forward into freedom?

Patchwork Dreams
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