I’m addicted to books. There are piles three wide on the floor beside my bed. My iTouch e-reader apps are loaded with a virtual library. Should I mention that my library card also sees frequent use? I’ve been known to satisfy my addiction while waiting in the carpool line and while cooking supper. I’ve even stayed up much too late at night with the desire to read just one more chapter.

Is it any wonder that I became a writer?

With all of these characters — both mine and in the books I read — romping through my mind, I’m reminded that every story is about a journey. So, on Fridays, I’m going to share some of the lives of the characters I’m reading about with you.

Stuck in the Middle, by Virginia Smith, tells the story of Joan Sanderson. Like the title implies, Joan is stuck in the middle. She’s the quiet dark-haired sister between two vivacious blondes with happy lives. In a boring job a furniture store, she still lives at home with her mother and aging grandmother. Abandoned by her father and an old boyfriend, she’s left with insecurities and a superficial faith.

Until a handsome doctor with a strong faith moves in next door.

The rest of the book is a fun romantic read with lively sibling banter and humor throughout as Joan is pulled out of her rut into the kind of life she’s always hoped for.

What about you? Have you ever felt you were lacking in comparison to others? Have you ever felt trapped in a life that didn’t turn out like you had imagined? What did it take to pull you out of your rut?

Stuck In The Middle
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