If I had to pick my favorite fiction genre to read, romantic suspense would be near the top of the list. Because I really enjoy the mixture of a good love story and a mystery to solve.

This week’s fiction focus is on Don’t Look Back (Revell, 2010) by Lynette Eason. It’s book two in a series, but I didn’t feel like I had to have read the first book in order to understand this one.

Jamie Cash is a forensic anthropologist (meaning she studies bones for clues and reconstructs faces to help identify victims). Twelve years ago, she survived a brutal attack and is working to rebuild her life and ability to trust again. However, her attacker is back and taunting her from afar. Now, she must face her fear to help solve the crimes as she identifies other victims.

In this fast paced novel full of twists, turns, tension, and a touch of romance, Jamie displays a life transformed by the pain she experienced. She finds an inner strength honed through the fire of suffering and is able to offer comfort to other victims and their families.

The title advises not to look back – implying that she shouldn’t dwell on the past, but instead move forward. Yet, by looking back, she is able to recall significant clues and gain the strength to face evil once again.

What about you? Have you grown stronger after going through pain? Do you look back at that time or look ahead? Should we do both? Why or why not?

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Don’t Look Back
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