When life gives you lemons, how you approach, process, and transform them makes all the difference. Especially for parents facing the sour experiences of raising a child with developmental, behavioral, and/or health needs.

Making Lemonade: Parents Transforming Special Needs incorporates practical strategies from a Christian worldview and the emotional stories of parents (including me!) busy in the kitchen of life to offer readers hope and encouragement as they face their own lemons. Mirroring the steps of a recipe for making lemonade, this book covers the pucker reaction, juicing process, adding sugar, watering down with life, adding other fruit, stirring, the pitcher of support, chilling, sipping, and sharing.

Does this sound like something you, or someone you know, would be interested in reading? If so, the book is available in both print and ebook formats. And, for a limited time, you can download the ebook in a variety of different formats for FREE.

For a free ebook download (or free sample): Go to Making Lemonade at Smashwords and enter the following coupon code — RN93L — to get the $2.99 ebook for free for a limited time. (Formats available for Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Sony reader, pdf, html and more.) The ebook is also available now at the Amazon Kindle store (full price) and through other online retailers soon.

If you’d rather get a print version, go to Making Lemonade at CreateSpace and get the book for 20% off the regular price of $9.99. Discount code — 8FHJYB6E. The book should be on Amazon within a few more days and other distributors in the weeks to come.

Either way, may I ask a favor in return? Please spread the word. And consider posting a review on Amazon and/or Smashwords. Just let others know what you thought about the book and if you found it helpful or not. The more reviews, the higher it appears in search engines and the more likely families searching for books on this topic will find it.

Why did I write this book? Well, as many of you know, my fourteen-year-old daughter has Cornelia de Lange syndrome and it has been an emotional parenting rollercoaster. What you might not know is that my seven-year-old son has allergy-induced asthma requiring medicine to visit Grandma’s house. When he was diagnosed, I discovered the surprising truth that my emotional journey as the parent of a child with asthma was strikingly similar to that as the parent of a child with CdLS. I interviewed seven other families facing a wide variety of issues including autism, mosaic Down syndrome, tuberous sclerosis, and cancer. The common threads of our experiences were woven into the pages of this book.

What about you? What’s been keeping you busy so far this summer? (Formatting, editing, and self-publishing have been on my list!)

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Making Lemonade – FREE for a Limited Time
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