I’ve got a very large stack (well, stacks) of to-be-read books and my seven-year-old son picked out the next book for me to read. This week’s fiction focus is Peace, Be Still by Terry Fowler (Heartsong Presents, 2011).

Katy Sinclair faces serious storms in life. Her little girl was kidnapped and she suspected her estranged husband was behind it — until he turned up dead. Following the inner compulsion to do her own investigating, she heads to a beach house on the Atlantic coast and into the path of a hurricane. In the aftermath of destruction, she meets her husband’s half brother, Richie, and together they must unravel the clues to find the child.

At one point, Katy commented on how she thought the beach would be a peaceful place and that she wanted her life to be the same. In reply, Richie pointed out that life is exactly like the waves — sometimes calm and sometimes stormy.

I sense an unexpected theme this week. The beaches on Monday. Suffering and overcoming on Wednesday. And a character facing down the storms of life … on a beach.

What about you? Have you found life to be more calm or more stormy? Sometimes even a hurricane? How is life like the waves upon the sand?

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Peace, Be Still
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One thought on “Peace, Be Still

  • June 12, 2011 at 6:58 pm

    >I've been challenged this spring because I've been so busy with my kids' activities. I've wanted to take my brain elsewhere, but had not been able to do it. My car was totaled too, but I was not in it. (Smashed by a tree.)

    When I hear about other people's issues, I have to tell myself to "shut up!"

    Husbands are being deployed, parents have dementia, people are diagnosed with cancer, depression, and so on.

    I sometimes wonder why I have a hard time handling a little storm. So, while the waves are calming for me, I will regroup and get prayed up. Perhaps I can be a blessing in the lives of others.

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