In our continuing summer of virtual vacations, this week we’re headed to another country (or at least another culture within our own borders.)

If money, time, travel speeds, and political situations were not a factor … what parts of our world would you like to see? The lush tropical rainforests of the Amazon? The Inca ruins of Peru? The pyramids of Egypt? The Eiffel Tower in France? The Neuschwanstein castle in Germany? The Great Wall of China? The Alps of Switzerland? Victoria Falls between Zambia and Zimbabwe? The gypsies of Romanian history?The Eskimos in Alaska? The Amish in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania?

Why are these places so fascinating? I think it’s partly geographical and partly historical. What events took place there? What is life like in a different climate or part of the world? For me, I’m curious about the people and what their lives are like. My imagination runs wild as I try to picture myself living in a different place and time. (Perhaps that’s why I also write fiction!)

Visiting other culturesĀ takes us out of our comfort zones and stretches our experiences about what life on planet Earth is like. We start to see ourselves as a piece of larger humanity and develop greater compassion for others when our similarities outweigh our differences. And these lessons stick with us when we return home.

What about you? Where in the world would you like to go? Where have you been? What lessons about humanity did you bring home with you?

Vacations – Other Cultures
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