Two years ago today, I started a journey. The journey of blogging.

As my first post stated, life is not a highway. If I needed a reminder that life is full of delays, detours, and road contruction, trying to blog consistently only underscored the truth that this is a journey full of obstacles.

There were times when my chronic fatigue made itself known and all creativity oozed out onto my pillow. Weeks with vicious deadlines on my dayjob. Seasons I wasn’t sure what to write about and wondered if anyone was even reading.

Looking back, we’ve talked a lot about the journey of life and drawn on metaphors like road construction, traffic signs, maps, road trips, tunnels, pit stops, and weather conditions. I’ve meandered through lessons learned through natural examples of transformations, gardening, vacations, football, the lives of real people, and characters in works of fiction. I’ve also drawn on (and shared) the wisdom found in motivational quotations and The Bible.

My goal in starting this blog was to offer encouragement for the journey. What I didn’t know was how much I needed that message for myself!

So, in honor of two years, I’m announcing the move of my blog from Blogspot over to my newly designed website. The new platform has a search function where you can easily find all the blogs touching on a topic. Better yet, I was able to import all my past content (with a few formatting adjustments to be made post by post as I find time). Please, browse around and check out how far we’ve come.

Looking forward? I plan to continue blogging and continue offering encouragement for the journey. Since my personal journey revolves around my faith, family, and fiction writing and life tends to inspire art, er, writing, future blog posts should also line up along those topics.

  • Faith ~ devotional style writings to encourage a deeper faith
  • Family ~ glimpses into life raising school-aged kids including one with special needs, balancing work and family, etc.
  • Fiction ~ behind-the-scenes peeks at research, character development, plot dilemmas, editing, and updates on my writing journey

What about you? What have been your favorite topics we’ve covered? What posts did you skip over? What would you like to see in the future?

Celebrating Two Years
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