When compiling my list for this summer’s virtual vacation tour, I had two other types of locations in mind. Historic battlefields, landmarks, and colonial villages. And family reunions. (Granted, some family reunions have their own inherent battlefields, but let’s just assume we can all get along!)

 We own a timeshare and have exchanged it the last five years for a week in Branson, Missouri. But, every year, I thumb through the resort directory to see where else we could travel (assuming airfare for five wasn’t an issue and there was stuff for the kids to do once we got there.) Personally, I would love to visit New England or Williamsburg, Virginia. I know others enjoy seeing Civil War battlefields or the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. Places bursting with historical significance. Where events occurred that changed the path of our country.

 On the other hand, multi-generational family gatherings are also full of history. It’s nice to see all the distant cousins and catch up on all the news (er, gossip). But the rich treasure lies in listening to the stories of the oldest ones there. What was life like when they were growing up? What were their dreams? What tragedies are woven in the fabric of their lives? What quirks have they passed on to their children? What unusual jobs did they have? (Can you imagine my surprise to learn one relative had served food to Japanese prisoners during WWII?)

 Revisiting history is a journey back in time to remember the past, to honor the legacy of those who lived before us, and to learn the lessons they would teach.

 What about you? What interesting jobs have your ancestors held? What historical place would you most like to see?

Vacations – Revisiting History
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