Ask some people where they would choose to go on vacation and you’d hear all about a fishing trip. Not exactly my first choice (or even the top ten) because I don’t like touching fish, smelling fish, cleaning fish, or eating fish. Baiting hooks with worms or salmon eggs isn’t exactly on my favorite list of things to do either!

However, if you take fish and bait out of a fishing trip, what does that leave? Hours spent sitting in a quiet (and often scenic) location. Maybe the excuse to sit in a solitary place is as much a part of the whole experience as actually reeling in the big one. (After all, it’s called fishing, not catching!)

So, since this is a summer of virtual vacations, I’m headed to a solitary place to sit for awhile. To stop the frantic pace of life and get away from the deadlines, computer, television, and phone. To let stress wash away and troubles sink to the bottom. To let the true priorities of my life bob to the surface. To meditate on truth and contemplate the future. To sort through options while a gentle breeze brushes my face.

And if I never catch a thing, the experience will have been worth it.

What about you? Do you like fishing? What would you think about while on a fishing trip?

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Vacations – Solitary Places
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One thought on “Vacations – Solitary Places

  • July 11, 2011 at 8:19 am

    >You certainly don't need to fish for marine animal life to receive the benefits of fishing. The Lord said He'd make us fishers of people, but first we need to fish for God and find Him. He said, "You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all of your heart." That usually requires getting alone and sorting out our options.

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