Ever been so hot you begged for a cup of cold water? Oh, wait, that’s been most of the country for the last month.

This journey called life sometimes goes through seasons where the heat is turned up until we think we may faint without something to cool us off and soothe the parched landscape of our souls. The sweat of our efforts trickles down our back as we labor to keep moving forward, each step dragging through the dusty terrain of our circumtances.

Then, when we can’t seem to take another step, someone comes alongside to journey with us. They open up a canteen, and as they pour crystal clear water into a cup, we notice the condensation forming on the ouside surfaces. This water isn’t merely wet and life-giving; it’s cold. We take the cup with trembling hands, pausing to run the cool surface across our forehead before taking a satisfying drink. Followed by another.

When we hand the empty cup back, they smile and fill it again.

Why? Because they cared about us and wanted to help. How did they know what we needed at that moment? Because they’d been hot, tired, and thirsty before and received a cup of cold water that changed the course of their own journey.

That’s what friendship is all about. Helping each other. Sometimes even in practical ways like a cup of cold water.

What about you? Have you ever needed a cup of cold water? Did someone bring it to you? Have you been the giver of comfort? Why?

A Cup of Cold Water
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