Can you hear the sound of parents cheering across the country? It’s that time of year again! The kids are headed back to school. Back to regular routines and homework and after-school activities. (Meaning less time to be bored and fight with siblings and destroy the just-cleaned house.)

While I’m not excited about the effort involved dragging my boys out of bed tomorrow morning … or barking like a drill sergeant to get lunches packed and everyone out the door on time … I am starting to plan what I’ll do to fill the quiet hours around the house. (My husband goes back on Wednesday and my daughter next Monday.)

First up, get back into a regular exercise routine. I did so-so over the summer, but I’m looking forward to working off the stress and melting a few pounds in the process. Not to mention it gets the blood pumping and ideas flowing for the rest of the morning!

Next, (once I can hear myself think without the television, computer, video games, slamming doors, arguing in the background and numerous interruptions), a quick revision and polishing pass on a previous manuscript. Then it’s time to jump into a new book. I’m hoping (assuming life doesn’t throw too many curve balls) to complete two manuscripts during the school year in addition to my day job. That’s 1000 words a day, Monday through Friday, tracked on the progress meter in the sidebar. After all, if I’m serious about writing, I need to produce words on a regular basis.

Third, settle into a routine again and find the balance between my day job, writing activities, housework, Bible study, and carpooling without sacrificing my health or sanity.

Hmm. This list almost sounds like a list of New Year’s resolutions. Maybe with kids in school, my “fiscal” year starts in the fall. Or perhaps, after slacking this summer, I’m just gearing up to finish the year strong?

What about you? Do you get excited this time of year? What plans do you have for the school year ahead? How are you doing on your goals for the year?

Back to School
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