What fills your day? Probably some of the same things I face. Work. Housework. Bills to pay. Laundry. Cooking and cleaning. Children. Responsibilities and deadlines. Relaxation and simple pleasures. Drudgery and dreams. They all add up to a life overflowing with activity.

So, what if something sour happens in one area? Like a child is diagnosed with a rare genetic condition such as Cornelia de Lange syndrome or another child develops allergy-induced asthma?

Life goes on. The sour experiences (Not From Concentrate) and the sugar of hope get watered down by the mundane ins and outs of daily living.

Children with disabilities are still children. There are still diapers to change, food to fix, mouths to wash, and books to read. Our days may now include visits to doctors and therapists. We may need to give medications or learn new skills to care for our child’s needs. But there are still dandelions to pick, butterflies to chase, and ice cream to enjoy.

Like making lemonade from lemons, the sweet and sour are mixed together and diluted by the volume of everyday life.

What about you? Which ingredient do you have the most of? Which occupies the most of your time?

The Water of Life
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