Characters? Check. A plot full of conflict? Check. A setting? Still working on it.

I know what this story needs. A college, with certain degree programs. A football program that’s big enough to have Bowl game incentives. A schedule full of tough opponents. A town. A church.

Where would I like to set it? In northern Colorado. We’ve got two colleges nearby – one that is NCAA Division I and eligible for Bowl games. In fact, my husband even volunteered in their football program last year and can give me an inside glimpse into meetings, practices, locker rooms, game day preparation, and travel arrangements. Lots of stories to glean from!

Sounds perfect, right? But, for obvious reasons, I don’t want to include the current coaching staff and players. I will need to use my creativity for what goes on inside those walls and create fictional events that would push my story along. I’d do my research to make it fit with other college programs, but need the freedom to let my imagination soar.

Do I pick the real place or create a fictional one? Or do I put fictional people inside a real place with a clear disclaimer that none of the people or situations depicted represent any person ever associated with that college or football program?

I need to pick a place soon. After all, the words are starting to add up and I don’t want to have to change much.

What about you? Would you rather read about a real place or about a fictional place that resembles someplace else? Would you be offended if fictional people occupied a real place? Any advice for me? (I could use the help!)

Pick a Place
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