I love the movie Facing the Giants. Not just because of the David vs. Goliath football story, but because of the strong faith message. In one scene, the discouraged coach is told the story of two farmers who prayed for rain, but only one plowed his fields and planted seeds. Which one had real faith? The one who prepared for  rain. He was ready when the answer arrived.

The same can be said of parenting a child with developmental, behavioral, and/or health needs. We pray that God will bring healing to their bodies. That they will learn to talk … and walk. That their tantrums will ease.

But while we wait for the answers to come, do we sit around and do nothing? No. We pick up the spoon and start stirring the sour lemon juice, sweet sugar, water of life, and fruity siblings. We take our kids to doctor and therapist appointments. We learn techniques and try them at home. We scour the Internet for alternative treatments. We pick the brains of other parents and glean fresh ideas to try. We develop family routines and adapt to the pressures. All while we continue to pray.

We do what we can while waiting for God to do what only He can. (More on waiting in a couple of weeks). That’s the importance of stirring while making lemonade.

What about you? Are you a do-er or a sitter? What are you praying for? Are you preparing for rain to come? How?

Pick Up the Spoon
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