I’ve been a girl all my life. I look like a girl, dress like a girl, talk like a girl, cry like a girl, and think like a girl. And most times of the month, I like being a girl. So when it comes to writing fiction from a male point of view … well, I’m having a hard time getting into character.

Since Reed will have approximately half the total word count of my next book, I need to figure out how to get into his head. His testosterone-laden, competitive, football-coaching mind.

My solution thus far? Lots of research including reading football play books and autobiographies of well-known coaches. Role-playing scenes (in the privacy of my home) complete with yelling, whistle-blowing mannerisms.  And inspiring music to write by, including a few football fight songs and the soundtrack from the movie Rudy.

It’s helping get the words onto the paper. But, the true test will come when I run them past my critique group. Please tell me that writing like a guy gets easier!

What about you? If you’re a girl, how do you think a guy thinks? If you’re a guy, please pass along any hints to make Reed realistic. Please!

The Male Point of View
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One thought on “The Male Point of View

  • September 23, 2011 at 5:29 am

    One of the things I have been doing is having a man read my writing. Yes, it’s technically romance written for women, but so far the person who has read for me has given me good feedback on my male characters because I wanted to know if they read “true.” I’m going to do that more when I take on a cultural slant as well. Am I being cliche or does what I write sound authentic when I imbue a cultural slant to things (i.e. Italian or Hispanic). So maybe make sure that you have a guy read it to help you!

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