When making lemonade, a container is as necessary as the ingredients. Imagine trying to stir together lemon juice, sugar, and water … on the countertop. Nope. We need a pitcher. Something to surround and hold the ingredients in place.

The same can be said of parents raising kids with developmental, behavioral, and/or health needs. We have picked up the spoon to stir together the sweet, sour, and normal parts of life. But, without a system of support, it will all fall apart!

So what does this pitcher of support look like? Glass or tupperware? Tall or short? Narrow or squatty? Curvy or straight? Transparent or opaque? Each support system is unique but is functionally the same.

Our support systems can include our spouses, older children, grandparents, and extended family. Medical professionals and therapists. Educational specialists and paraprofessionals. Friends. Neighbors. Babysitters. Churches. Other families facing the same issues.

Our support systems may encourage face-to-face or from a distance. They may take over our responsibilities for awhile so we can get a much needed break. Or they might send a timely note or email. They may shape our efforts into a certain direction with new research or offer a listening ear when we need to vent. Some hold our hands as we process difficult news while others we only know through online forums and email loops. 

They all look different and are found in different places. Each is vitally important to the process of making lemonade.

What about you? Who is in your support system? How did you find them? How do they support you? Have you thanked them lately?

The Pitcher of Support
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