Boredom is dangerous. It can lead to numbing despair … or to deliberate trouble-making to shake things up. (Um, like my kids this summer.) The consequences of each are destructive.

Some think that the Christian life is boring. That we are stuck in the pursuit of being good (i.e. holiness) by following a list of rules. That we arrange our lives to avoid potential pitfalls and surround ourselves with a bubble of safety and generally nice people. All so that eternity will be spent strumming harps in a more comfortable place than hell.

Yawn. No wonder Christians can get stuck into a legalistic rut or flirt with sin to add a little spice to an otherwise boring life. And no wonder the unchurched aren’t attracted to this kind of faith.

What’s the alternative? Let go and do the God thing. Slide over into the passenger seat and let Someone else drive for a change.

We are called to know God (and holiness is a natural side effect of that relationship). The Bible is full of people getting to know God on a wild Spirit-led ride. Ark-building before floods. Burning bushes before pillars of fire. Herding sheep before felling giants. Cupbearer before wall-builder. Disciple before world missionary.

A life following God should never be boring! It’s an adventure full of abundance in the things that matter most. Joy. Love. Peace. Comfort. Hope. And challenging mountains to climb to the glory of God.

If I’m not having fun, it’s because I’m a control freak and took the wheel. It’s only a wild ride, if Someone else is driving and I don’t know which direction we’ll take next!

What about you? Have you ever found the life of faith boring? Are you a control freak who likes to steer? Is it easy to let God take the wheel of your life?

The Wild Ride
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