If you asked me what a mom’s job involves, I’d come up with a long list. Caring for physical needs like food and clothing. Cleaning up messes. Administering medications. Comforting broken hearts and teaching family values. Driving kids to and from activities. Refereeing fights. And the list goes on.

No wonder motherhood consumes my days. 24/7 for years.

But, in the middle of being Mom, I wonder if too much help is a bad thing. After all, at some point in life, my kids need to take on personal responsiblity. And not just in things like being able to load a washing machine so they’ll have clean underwear in college.

If I always jump in to break up the fights, how will they learn to resolve conflict? If I always check their homework or remind them to study for tests, how will they handle job deadlines in the future? If I always buy what they need, how will they learn to manage money?

In my busy-ness as Mom, am I really helping my kids? Or hindering their development into productive, self-sufficient, caring individuals ready to be launched into society? Hmm. I think it’s past time to divide up a few more chores around the house.

What about you? At what point does helping become hindering? Any suggestions for making the transition from helping to launching?

Helping or Hindering
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