I hear voices all day long. My children asking for help, tattling, and whining. The DJ on the radio. The telemarketer on the phone. The whisper of God to my spirit telling me how much He loves me. The litany of self-talk that I’ll never be good enough or measure up.

Sometimes I just want a break from the voices. Well, at least the whining, complaining, and critical ones.

I’m learning that one way to drown out those negative messages is to turn up the volume on the positive ones. To meditate on God’s promises of love and forgiveness. To find true friends to encourage me on the bad days. To replace my self-talk with a different script.

So what if I fail? What’s the worst that could happen? Will God still love me? Yes. Will He help me mend bridges and navigate through the consequences? Yes. Will this situation last forever? No. People will forgive me. Family and friends won’t hate me. I’ll get back up, grow stronger, and look for another chance to try my best.

Nothing I do will change how much God loves me. And it’s okay to fail.

Now, to teach that message to my children through both my words and my actions before performance anxiety cripples us all.

What about you? Have you learned it’s okay to fail? Or are you like me and try to avoid any scenario where you might possibly not get 100%?

Okay to Fail
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