Those words every mother loves to hear: “Mom, the toilet is overflowing!”

And yes, it was. Big time mess. Multiple attempts with the plunger until cleared. Wringing out soaked towels into the bathtub numerous times. Another load of laundry. Then a rush to catch up with the normal school morning routine.

One clogged drain can spread havoc, especially if it isn’t taken care of at the first sign of trouble.

The same can be said for unforgiveness and bitterness and resentment in our lives.

When we’re offended or hurt, our emotions can get in the way of letting love flow through our lives. If we let those feelings linger, they can build up into quite a blockage. And then what happens? A big mess as our toxic sludge spills out on those around us … leaving us with a big mess to clean up!

The solution? Unclog the drains. How? Prayer. Honest conversations. Let the small stuff go. Deal with the issues rather than let them build up.

It’ll take time that you’d rather spend elsewhere. Then again, a little effort now avoids the big mess later.

What about you? Do you let issues build up or deal with them promptly? How do you unclog the drains in your life?

Unclogging Drains
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