“Wish that I was there, on that silent night, when your tiny heart started beating for mine.” And so begins my favorite Christmas song this season.

Josh Wilson’s “Jesus is Alive” gives the familiar story a fresh twist. (Take a few minutes and listen to the powerful lyrics.) As the angels sang the good news and told the shepherds to spread the word that Jesus was born, the message they delivered carried a deeper meaning.

Because Jesus was born with a mission. To pay the penalty for our sins. To restore us to a right relationship with God. To conquer death and bring eternal life. In fact, on Resurrection Day, the angels gave a similar message to the women at the tomb. Go and tell the world that Jesus is alive.

Death began to die the day that Jesus was born. “Because this Savior in a manger changes everything.” His life brings hope in the middle of darkness. Grief has lost it’s sting … because Jesus is alive.

So, this Christmas season, I’m looking to Bethlehem where hope was born and laid in a manger.

What about you? What’s your favorite Christmas song? Why?

Looking To Bethlehem
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