Unless I’m standing in the giant Redwood forests of Northern California, what I notice most about trees is their branches.

Some trees are tall and narrow while others offer round, oval, or cascading shapes. All have branches that stretch up and out from the main trunk. The purpose of those branches is to search for more light (for photosynthesis), sprout leaves, and bear fruit. And if the branch is dead or isn’t growing in the right direction, a little pruning is in order. (I’m sure we’ll cover all those aspects of being like a tree later in the year!)

If I am like a tree, my arms most resemble the branches. Reaching up in worship and reaching out in love. Or doing both at the same time! It reminds me of those two great commandments in the Bible. To love God and love others. While always finding ways to let the Light of the World shine on me.

So, this year in my desire to be like a tree planted by rivers of water, I’m paying attention to my roots and my branches. Growing deep and reaching out.

What about you? How are you growing? What are you reaching toward?

Like A Tree – Branches
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