When you look at a tree, what you don’t see is the most important thing to the tree’s survival. The roots.

Did you know that the root system of a tree spreads out two to four times the size of the visible crown of branches and leaves? Roots gather and store water and nutrients necessary for the tree to survive. Roots also anchor the tree into the soil and prevent soil erosion. For the tree to grow big and tall, it must first go deep and wide. Otherwise, when the winds of life come, the tree topples!

The same can be said of my life if I don’t have a healthy root system.

Am I deeply rooted? Am I in good soil? What is feeding my soul? Do I have a constant supply or rely on desperation watering? Am I anchored deep or am I pushed around by the storms of life?

This year, in my desire to be like a tree, I’m paying attention to my roots. I’ve rearranged my bedside stacks to put Bible study and other devotional books toward the top and focusing my daily time on going deeper rather than getting through a quota so I can check off my to-do list.

To be like a tree in 2012, I’m going deeper.

What about you? Do you have a healthy root system? What is feeding your soul? Do you have a strong anchor in the storms of life?

Like A Tree – Roots
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