A couple of weeks ago, I pulled into a drive-through line to order breakfast on my way to work like I’d done many times before. But this time, something was different.

As I’d been driving, my thoughts had been consumed with a multitude of concerns. My husband was waiting to hear back about a job he’d applied for and the outcome would have a rippling effect on all of us. Not to mention determining whether or not we’d be plunking down $800 in registration fees the next week.

Getting breakfast and surviving rush-hour traffic were the least of my worries as I placed my order. The garbled voice through the speaker gave me the total amount due and I inched my car forward, merging behind a rusty car the size of which reminded me of the “gold boat” my parents once owned. I fished in my wallet for the correct change and then tapped my fingers on the steering wheel as we waited our turn to creep forward. So much for fast food.

Glancing around for something to pass the time, I noticed the license plate frame on the car in front of me. “No worries. God’s got it covered.”

Can I just say I laughed at God’s humor … and timing? It was exactly the message I needed to be reminded of. I serve a big God who is more than able to handle anything that crosses my path. Not only that, He loves me with an everlasting, sacrificial love and wants the best for my life. With all that love and power in my corner, what did I have to worry about?

I blinked back the tears as we moved forward and the message-bearing car stopped at the payment window. God cared enough about the worries weighing on my heart to put me in a drive-through behind the right car … and slow us down long enough for me to read His timely message. And then gave me plenty of time for it to sink in as I continued to wait in line.

Just in case I hadn’t fully understood the message, God underlined it as only He can. When I finally pulled forward to hand over my money, a confused worker stared at me and announced that my meal had been paid for … by the previous customer.

No worries. God’s got it covered.

What about you? Have you ever had one of those “coincidences” that only God could orchestrate? Care to share it with the rest of us?

No Worries
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  • March 1, 2012 at 3:25 pm

    Hey, that gold boat was a blessing too! Nice touch that Good had the other person pay it forward and furnish your meal.

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