The Master's Wall by Sandi RogPicture a man tied to a pole and being whipped as punishment for a crime he didn’t commit. How could he ever forgive the one whose lies put him there?

Sounds like something Jesus did, right? But this man, David, is a main character in Sandi Rog’s novel The Master’s Wall. Sold as a slave and trained to fight, he becomes friends with his master’s granddaughter. As the years roll by, he learns to live with injustice while yearning for freedom. Then comes the day he finds a way over his master’s wall and must make a difficult choice.

David chooses to stay within the walls as a slave, sacrificing freedom in hopes of saving the one he loves. (A real tear-jerker as the story played out.)

Hmm. That also reminds me of something Jesus did. He chose to limit himself inside the walls of human frailty, sacrificing His rights as Son of God, and ultimately putting His life on the line in order to save those He loved. Taking our punishment and offering forgiveness in return.

I am amazed at this level of sacrifice and love my Savior all the more because of it.

What about you? Can you think of any good literary examples of sacrifice? Does love require sacrifice?

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